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Almond Blossom is Angelina’s latest self penned solo album. The ten songs have been written in a country/folk style with a bluesy undertone.

This album was produced by Rupert Brown and Tom Gardner from Oldsoundsnew who have interpreted her work with a fresh approach yet without losing its earthy qualities.

This work is predominantly acoustic sounding and also features Rupert Brown on drums, percussion, banjo and backing vocals, Tom Gardner on guitar, piano, autoharp, electric bass and backing vocals, JC Grimshaw on guitar, mandolin and slide guitar, Paul Armfield on double bass, saw and backing vocals and Rachael Brown on flute. 

This album highlights Angelina’s mastery as a singer-songwriter.

Song List:

1. Almond Blossom

2. Town Called Low

3. Migrant Swan

4. Poppy In His Hand

5. Blue Eyes

6. Train Coming Through

7. Love In The Mist

8. Red Sun Falling

9. Mountain Ramble

10. No Is Not A Reason




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