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Footprints and Dreams is JC's second solo album. The eleven songs
combine folk, world and balladeerial styles and influences. The album
has plenty of light and shade, and ranges from the upbeat, to the more

As with all of J.C's solo albums he is joined on certain tracks by
fellow  members of 'The Dance Preachers' Rupert, Paul and Angelina.
Along with some solo performances. This album has enjoyed air play on
Radio 3's 'Late Junction'. Although slightly more left of field this
album has still stood the test of time.

Song List:

1.   Jenny Do You Remember (folk ballad)

2.   Footprints And Dreams (folk/contemp. ballad)

3.   Christopher Marlowe Image (mystic ballad)

4.   Roll out The Carpet (up beat mystic ballad)

5.   The Lighthouse Man (folk ballad)

6.   Love In The Mist (up beat mystic ballad)

7.   Controlled Starvation (folk/contemp. ballad)

8.   Riding On A Smile (folk Ballad)

9.   Share A Memory (folk/contemp. ballad)

10. You Got Me Dreaming (up beat mystic ballad)

11. Sweet Old Kissing Blues (blues/rockabilly ballad)

This album comes with an eight page  full colour booklet with all song
lyrics, band photos and art work taken from oil paintings by the artist
John Rufus Grimshaw.




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