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For What You Seek is the title of JC's latest C.D. Album featuring eleven new songs. The album takes you on a musical journey from quirky dance-band calypsos, to driving down-home stomp blues and from mystic story ballads, to small-town heart felt country laments. The album features a whole host of tantalizing sonic arrangements: Hawaiian steel guitars, mandolins, bouzouki, strings, vintage guitars, upright bass, piano, drums and percussion and a few more surprises all combine to create and deliver the rhythms and grooves that ebb and flow and are certain to get you movin'!

JC is joined by fellow musicians Paul Armfield, Chris Jones, Kathy
Grimshaw, Dave Godby, Mike Rodrigues and sister Angelina to make up the

I feel confident that we have managed to really capture the spirit
and vitality of these songs on record, which has always been my main
objective. The songs have always worked well live, and now I'm excited
to hear how well they come across on the album..

Song List:

1. Blue Rooster Blues (calypso)

2. Messing Around (dark ballad)

3. Many Ways To Heaven (groove pop ballad)

4. Gossip Blues (stomp blues)

5. That Old Jazz Song (country lament)

6. Hanging Around (story ballad)

7. For What You Seek (groove mystic ballad)

8. Time Don't Wait For No-One (blues ballad)

9. Black Pearl Necklace (blues)

10.Birds Of Prey (calypso)

11.Turtle Dove Don't Fly Away (country lament)

This album comes with an eight page full colour booklet with song lyrics,
band photos and art work taken from oil paintings by the artist John
Rufus Grimshaw.





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